Free Consultation for 2 Years with Richfeel Trichologist Doctor!

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We want to let you know that you will receive FREE consultation with our trichologist doctor for 2 years as a part of this bonus.

This will include follow up consultations for 2 years with Richfeel trichologist doctor absolutely FREE.

This will ensure that not only your hair problem will get solved but also you will be able to maintain your hair for life time by meeting your Richfeel trichologist doctor regularly.

Lets assume that you meet our doctor at least once every month, with this you are getting 24 consultations with our doctor absolutely free over 2 year’s time.

Consultation fees of our Richfeel trichologist doctor is Rs. 995. Even if you visit our trichologist just 24 times in next 2 years, this alone is actually worth Rs. 24,000 approximately over two year’s time.

Nothing can be as amazing as this bonus which you can gift your hair right away to maintain it for life.

Please Note: Any tests, medications, treatments or procedures suggested by the trichologist doctor will be chargeable.

You will get this 2 year consultation bonus for free once you have purchased Richfeel treatment.

Once you have grabbed your treatment kindly click here and submit your invoice number and we will show you how to redeem this bonus in the clinic.