To understand how Ana-d-tox works, you have to first understand how exactly colouring products damage your hair. Similar to a tree that has a bark as an outer covering, the cuticle is the outer covering for our hair shaft. In order for colour to penetrate through the cuticle, it has to be lifted up. All hair colouring products include some chemical or the other that lift up the cuticle to deposit colour into the cortex (inner layer of a strand of hair).

But the problem here, is that is once you’ve disturbed the cuticle, the damage has already begun, because the cuticle is not meant to be lifted up. And the longer the colour is penetrating into your open cuticle and hair shaft, the longer the chemical has to attack and wreak havoc on your open cuticle and hair shaft by weakening and damaging them.

If these chemicals are so harmful, why do hair colour products have them? Because it’s these chemicals that make the colour last; without them, the colour would fade away the very next time you shampoo your hair. Again it’s these chemicals that leads to the five main culprits responsible for damaging coloured hair:-


Richfeel’s revolutionary Ana-d-tox therapy uses POWER THP* from USA with 3 advanced natural proteins – Quinoa, Wheat and Barley that detoxes, revives, protects & repairs your hair and scalp from damage caused by colouring. Regular Ana-d-tox home care is also specially designed for regular protection & shine.


The POWER THP* from USA actually reconstructs the strands of hair that have been under chemical attack – they repair the damage, restore the moisture and also seal it in. In addition, the Ana-d-tox therapy uses the unique patented Transdermal machine from Biotec, Italy, which ensures maximum penetration of the *Triple Hydrolyzed Proteins into the hair, helping to minimize the negative effects of hair colour on the hair and scalp.


  • Brands may advertise the natural properties about their hair colour, but it’s a known fact that all hair colouring products contain harmful chemicals.
  • These harmful chemicals penetrate the outer layer of hair, called the cuticle and deposit colour into the inner layer known as the cortex. This forced opening of the cuticle is what damages the hair. But this is the irrevocable fact about colouring, as it’s the chemicals that keep the colour from fading; or it would wash away the next time you shampoo.
  • It is these damaged hair cuticles that make your hair dry and lifeless and eventually make them brittle and prone to split ends and easy breakage.
  • This cumulative damage can be long lasting, until and unless you seek some specialized treatment to limit the damage.


Hair Damage
  • Ammonia Increases the ph level of the hair, thereby causing hair to swell, leading to penetration inside the hair. Because of the swelling, of the cuticle (the protective layer of the hair) is exposed, leading to hair damage. Hair colouring chemicals (Ammonia/MEA/EA) extract water from the cells, thus depleting the hair of its moisture. It also incapacitates the sebaceous
  • MEA glands, which produce sebum, the hair’s natural moisturizers. When hair becomes damaged the scales of the cuticle can stand out or break off, exposing the cortex and making hair feel dryer and harder to brush. The swelling of the hair
  • EA causes bubbles inside the cuticles, thus making it uneven.
  • Hydrogen In hair colour, the Hydrogen Peroxide used as a developer lifts the cuticle layer of the hair shaft and allows these oils and the Peroxide hair’s moisture to be leeched away. Damaged hair carries a more negative electrostatic charge than healthy hair does. Negatively-charged hair strands repel one another, producing fly-away strands and make hair difficult to manage. Due to excessive exposure to hair colouring chemicals, your hair may become over-processed. This results in dry, rough and fragile hair. Developer (Hydrogen Peroxide), when added to Ammonia/MEA/EA and colouring, the resulting mixture causes the hair to swell. Helps Ammonia/MEA/EA carry the colouring tint into the hair follicles. The higher the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide solution in the dye, the more sulfur is lost in the hair. Loss of sulfur leads to more damaged and harder hair which results in hair breakage.
Skin Damage
  • Ammonia Hair dye contains harsh chemicals like Ammonia/MEA/EA, which is one of the most toxic ingredients. This and related agents contained in hair colouring products can cause a burning of the scalp, swelling and irritation. Not all people who dye their hair experience this effect but people with sensitive scalp can get irritation. Scalp Irritation: use of hair colouring can result in allergic reaction and/or skin irritation. Symptoms of these reactions can include redness, sores, itching, burning sensation and discomfort. Skin and fingernails are made of the similar type of keratinized protein as hair. That means that drips, slips and extra hair tint around the hairline can result in patches of discoloured skin. This is more common with darker hair colours and persons with dry absorbent skin.




Wheat proteins help reduce scalp irritation while improving the health of the scalp and thus preventing hair breakage.



Barley proteins add moisture to the scalp and prevent dryness. The Barley proteins also decrease roughness and reduce frizzy hair, while nourishing the scalp.



Quinoa proteins make your hair feel smoother and silkier and also prevent the colour from fading. Due to this colour retention is 20% and colour uptake is 25, therefore frequency of colouring & hair damages less.

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