Anagrow  is a unique  Swiss Italian technique where by with help of this treatment the hair becomes healthier and voluminous.

Currently there are lots of treatment available in the market  like PRP, MESOTHERAPY, CERTAIN MASSAGE THERAPIES etc.

  • PRP : PRP is composed of whole blood which is centrifuged to obtain high concentrated plasma. This activity involves extracting blood which is a invasive procedure.  The purpose of infusion is to stimulate the follicles by injecting plasma. But it is still not a proven technique.

Anagrow replaces  prp as a non invasive technique where by  the plant stem cells are made to permeate to the dermal papilla without any injection or cut with a unique method by the name sonopheresis hence it is absolutely safe.

  • Mesotherapy is one of the treatment employed to treat andro genetic aloepecia. It involves injection of vitamin , some botanical extracts to the follicles which is known to stimulate the ageing and dying cells. But it has not been scientifically proven and there is a lot of risk regarding injection of harmful substances to the body and also can result in infection. As the treatment is not able to give new hairs its motive being to revitalize the existing hair and nourish them.

Here also anagrow works better without employing any harmful chemical injection or any unproven properties. It contains pure stem cell extracts from green apple, stem cell extracts from green pea and an enzyme by the name nanolipobelle q 10. These all are natural stem cell extracts which help in stimulation of the hair stem cells so that they revive and rejuvenate themselves.

  • Human blood stem cells : Although it may hold potential for the future but the clinical efficacy right now has not been established. As of now human blood stem cells are banned in USA hence anagrow is the only safe plant stem cell that can be used without any side effects.