Today when we suffer from hair loss problem and when we think of solutions we may be surrounded by ample of treatments which are available today in the market.

Which is the best treatment which can prove to be beneficial to hairloss problem is what all of us hunt for.

However this content will make your task very easy as it will show you a scientific, well researched and proven formula to treat your hair loss in the most advanced way.

Today we come accross various laser treatments, mesotherapy, external lotions and so called spas which aim to treat your hairloss problem.

But does these treatments really help is a question which will be unleashed in this writing.

Coming to lasers, they just aim at improving the blood supply to your hair follicles without taking care of the toxins which primarily cause hair fall problems.

Mesotherapy act as a medium to transfer external applications to the deepest layer of the scalp. As they are one of the invasive procedures one should surely refrain themselves from such treatments.

External lotions will only work temporarily if at all without focusing on the cause of hairfall.

It is not even worth to talk about spas but still as these days lots of local parlours and salons provoke patients to go for these spa treatments to treat hairfall it is really important to stay away from them as more than the benefit that one can achieve one may end up getting exposed to various chemicals used during the spa session which are harmful.

Unlike the other treatments TST plus is an advanced revelutionary technique which primarily aims at not only treating the hairfall problem but also pushes the hair back into growing phase if the follicles existing on the scalp are alive and hairloss is reversible in its nature.

This is a completely non invasive technique which aims at detoxifying your head and neck region rejuvenating the hair follicles present on the scalp and thereby your hair.

The principle line of treatment is achieved by the manual lymphatic drainage which aims at removing the toxins via the lymphatic channels present in the head and neck region by giving a slight pressure which stimulates the action of the smooth muscles allowing the flow of toxins towards the lymph nodes and there by the lymphatic ducts which is in turn drained into the cardiovascular sytem and is removed from the body through the excretory system.

After the treatment it is advisable to drink lots of water to assist the flow of toxins out of the body.