Hair Hydro Therapy – For those who want to treat their dry, rough and brittle hair problems…

The natural proteins from the wheat and the flax come to your rescue to treat your hair and they do not only moisturize your hair shaft but also repair the damage done to the hair shaft from within. So free your hair from getting dry, rough and brittle with Richfeel’s Hair Hydro Therapy.

Hair generally suffers from extensive and long term damage due to incomplete care, stress and pollution. Using this 5 step process we can cure and restore your hair back into dynamic vibrancy. Hair hydro therapy will give your hair a healthy glow and also give your hair a new lease of life.

There are five steps of this treatment…

1. Application of scalp vitalizer – With the help of breakup Aroma Therapy scalp massage and various scientific principles each of the area of the scalp is completely treated and rejuvenated.

Shoulder and neck massage

2. Gentle steame allows the vitalizer to settle deep within the scalp.

3. The cleanser removes all the excess of remnannts of the vitalizer on the scalp.

4. Following which a wheat and flax protein rich masque is applied on the hair shaft to nourish them and repair them follwoed by shampooing.

5. Finally a nectar is applied to protect the hair shaft from the external environment followed by a food tray.

You get following 3 bonuses if you grab Richfeel’s Hair hydro therapy treatment before the month end…


Bonus 1 – FREE 3 Sessions of Photobiotherapy treatment ( Value – Rs. 750 )

The Photobiotherapy Treatment is the latest advance in hair and scalp care. The photobiotherapy treatment works on the principle of a beam of low level cold laser treatment and has been proven as a great breakthrough for fuller and stronger hair. It also helps as a preventive treatment to keep the hair the way it should be HEALTHY, STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL.

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Bonus 2 – FREE Refer a friend bonus ( Value – Rs. 500 )

If you refer your friend or relative to Richfeel you will get any Richfeel product or treatment worth Rs.500 for free.

You can even claim a discount of Rs. 500 on any Richfeel treatment that you are purchasing.

Plus your friend who is being referred will get one TST plus session worth Rs. 1250.

It’ a win-win deal for you and your friend.

Bonus 3 – FREE Liftime Consultation Bonus ( Value – Rs. 24,000 )

We want to let you know that you will receive FREE consultation for lifetime as a part of this bonus.

Consultation fees of our trichologist doctor is Rs. 995.

Even if you visit our doctor for your consultation once a month for next 2 years, this bonus is easily worth at least Rs. 24000. This is bare minimum as you can visit our doctor for consultation absolutely free for your entire life.

Please Note: Any tests, medications, treatments or procedures suggested by the trichologist doctor will be chargeable.

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If you add up you are getting a total bonus package worth Rs. 25,250 approximately.

You get this entire bonus package worth Rs. 25,250 if you grab Richfeel’s TST plus treatment before the month end.

We are providing genuine products, treatments and lifetime consultation to you for free. If we feel that this is increasing pressure and work load on our clinic we may remove this bonus package anytime without notice. Before we get back to our senses and pull off this bonus package make sure you rush in to our clinic today and grab your TST plus treatment today.

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Have A Great Hair Day!

dr.apoorva shah

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