The Photobiotherapy Treatment is the Latest Advance in Hair and Scalp Care…


The photobiotherapy treatment works on the principle of a beam of low level cold laser treatment and has been proven as a great breakthrough for fuller and stronger hair.

The Photobiotherapy treatment improves the quality, strength and the thickness of the hair by activation of the hair follicles. It requires 12 weeks of active photobiotherapy sessions as directed by your trichologist to get the desired results. The stimulation and activation of the active hair follicles strengthens the hair roots and the shaft of the hair and the low beam laser treatment by its action on the hair follicles can stimulate further growth.

The two steps of PBT are…



…which gives rise to fuller and stronger hair.

The photobiotherapy treatment is one of the most recent advances in the treatment of all hair and scalp problems. It also helps as a preventive treatment to keep the hair the way it should be HEALTHY,STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL.

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