Tricho Scalp treatment which involves working on the lymphatic system of your scalp helps in 2 ways.

(1) It increases oxygen and nutrition flow to the hair follicle thereby strengthening and rejuvenating hair follicles.

(2) It drains away excess of fluids and toxins, thus helps in detoxifying the hair and scalp.


1. Dry / Oily / Damaged hair
2. Chemically treated / colored / permed hair
3. Healthy Hair
4. Patient suffering from hairfall problems due to any reason
( This would include hair fall due improper diet, pollution, fashion induced hair fall problems, various disorders like anemia, thyroid, post pregnancy etc…)

1.Always have to be particular about the dietary regime. This can be best suggested by the trichologist after examining your hair and scalp and considering your medical history.

2.Drink adequate amount of water (2.5-3 lit/day). Actually it should go proportionate to your body weight. Half a litre for every 10 kgs of body weight needs to taken for best results.

3.Sound and proper sleep pattern of 7-8hrs/day.

4.Regular washing and oiling hair and scalp to 2-3 times a week.

5.Using a wooden comb.

6.Make sure to take the sessions at the intervals as per the recommendation of the trichologist.

7.Also make sure to use the shaft Rx regularly as prescribed by the trichologist.


To continue with the treatment on maintainance basis at least 1/mth for the health of the hair and also as for the nourishment of the scalp.

To follow the diet and water intake strictly with the routine day to day care advised.

To follow up with the trichologist and take care of any of the health ailments especially the chronic health issues like Thyroid, Diabetes, Rheumatic ailments, Blood Pressure etc.

Make sure to visit the trichologist regularly during and post treatments for the best results.