Q – Are there any side effects of TST+ treatment since this involves laser rays therapy which can be harmful?

Ans- No there are no side effects of this treatment. The rays which are being used are therapeutic rays like ultraviolet rays and low level cold laser beams which do not have any side effects.

Q – My daughter is 10 yr old and she is having hair fall problem so can children also go for this TST+ treatment.

Ans- Childern under 12yrs of age don’t require this treatment since thier hairfall can be corrected by external application like oil and internal supplements and healthy diet.

Q – After how many sittings I would start seeing changes in terms of reduction of hair fall.

Ans- Probably after 6 sittings.

Q – Do I have to take this treatment lifelong since the toxins would be produced in my body which is a normal process?

Ans. At present there is greater accumulation of toxins which need to be eliminated and thats the reason sessions are required every week. In 3mths toxins will be eliminated and as a maintenance session you can continue this once in a month.

Q – The day when I take the sitting can I go out and carry the daily routine work.

Ans- Yes you can as usual continue your daily routine work.

Q – If in between the sessions there happens to be a break in the sessions then would the earlier sessions which I took would go waste.

Ans- Probably no but its better to discuss with the trichologist as you will be advised as per your condition.

Q – Doctor you had advised me session once a week if the frequency increases between 2 session like once in 2 weeks would the result be the same since I can’t come every week.

Ans- The call on this needs to be taken by the trichologist.

Q – I am already taking some parlor treatment so can I take TST+ along with that parlor treatment would it effect the results.

Ans- Yes you can take TSt+ treatment but make sure to explain the parlor treatment in details to your trichologist.

Q – Since there was no reduction in hairfall I consulted one dermatologist after 4 sessions of TST+ and he said to stop TST+ the reason he said that most of my hair had gone to acute Telogen phase so any massage on your scalp would aggravate your hairfall so he had asked me to stop any treatment involving touching of scalp. Is is this true?

Ans- No first of all this treatment is not any massage therapy its detoxification threapy wherein your toxins would be eliminated. If toxins remains that would be acting as a barrier against hair growth and the very fact that your hair are into acute telogen phase you need to follow this treatment so that they can be pushed into the growing phase in the fastest possible way.

Q – My volume of hair had reduced a lot so does TST+ treatment help in growing new hairs.

Ans- No TSt+ would not grow new hair. It would help in enhancing growth from the existing follicles.

Q – My volume of hair had reduced a lot so would this TST+ treatment help in increasing the volume and the thickness of my hair.

Ans- No TSt+ would not increase volume and thickness. It would help in enhancing growth in existing follicles.

Q – Doctor as you said that I am having thinning and you said that there would be no new growth so what’s the use of taking TST+ treatment.

Ans-. It would help in enhancing growth in existing follicles.

Q – Doctor do you guarantee that after 12 sittings of TST+ treatment my hairfall would stop completely .

Ans- Every case is unique. So we cant gaurantee the results. Results may vary form case to case.

Q – Doctor I am having sever dandruff so would this TST+ treatment reduce my dandruff problem also.

Ans- Only TST+ would not help for dandruff I had prescribed you external applications which will play a primary role in it.

Q – Can I wash my hair the day when I do the sitting of TST+.

Ans- Yes you can wash.

Q – Can I travel in sun after doing the session.

Ans- Yes you can travel in sun after the session.

Q – Can I apply oil after doing the session.

Ans- Yes you can apply oil after the session.

Q – I colour regularly so can I color immediately post TST plus treatment?

Ans- It is better to keep a gap of 2 days post tst plus treatment for best results.

Q – Is this TST+ treatment a kind of massage therapy that is given in local parlors?

Ans- Not at all its not at all any kind of massage therapy as it based on the Austrian technique of manual lymphatic drainage.

Q – I am having lots of dryness of hair so would this TST+ treatment change the texture of my hair. Will my hair turn softer?

Ans- Only TST+ can’t improve the texture for that I had prescribed you external applications.

Q – Will the effect of this TST+ be permanent?

Ans- Hairfall can happen due to many reasons. So in future if hairfall happens then at that time we have to treat the cause of hair fall.