TST plus + is a unique Austrian technique developed by Dr Vodder where by with help of 3 scientific technique that is PBT, HIGH FREQUENCY MACHINE, AND MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE the hair and scalp is rejuvenated making hair stronger and healthier.

Currently there are lots of treatment available in the market like PRP, MESOTHERAPY, CERTAIN MASSAGE THERAPIES etc…

1) PRP : PRP is composed of whole blood which is centrifuged to obtain high concentrated plasma. This activity involves extracting blood which is a invasive procedure. The purpose of infusion is to stimulate the follicles by injecting plasma but it is still not a proven technique.

TST plus scores over PRP. As it is a totally non invasive procedure and it requires no blood extraction. It only acts by the laser stimulation and manual drainage of the lymphatic fluid which is more effective in stimulating the ageing cells.

2) Mesotherapy : Mesotherapy is one of the treatment employed to treat andro genetic aloepecia. It involves injection of vitamin, some stem cell extracts into the follicles which is known to stimulate the ageing and dying cells. But it has not been scientifically proven and there is a lot of risk regarding injection of harmful substances to the body and also can result in infection.

As the treatment is not able to give new hair its motive being to revitalize the existing hair and nourish them. Here also TST plus plus is far safer than mesotherapy as there is nothing injected into the scalp. The natural health is brought about in the hair by employing proven low level laser beams and high frequency machine with manual lymphatic drainage which drains out all the toxins from the superficial layer of the scalp.

3) There are still ‘n’ number of treatment like massage therapies and different chemical application done by local salons and parlours which have their own negative side effects as they are done in unscientific and also unhygienic ways. TST plus is safe as it is a scientifically deviced way of rejuvenating the scalp by working on the scalp to remove the toxins and improve blood flow in a scientific way without any side effects.