In today’s world, hair fall is a very common problem most of the people suffer from. There are so many reasons due to which people face this problem of hair loss. This can be due the result of Fashion induced hair loss, Sedentary Life Style (Weight gain), Stress, Nutritional Lack, Hormonal Imbalance etc.

In women if you talk about the reasons of hair loss the most common is fashion induced hairloss which means Hair loss post any chemical treatment like straightening, ironing, colouring, rebonding, Smoothing, Keratin and Cysteine treatments which is in trend nowadays. Also in women we should not forget PCOD and thyroid which is generally the cause of hair loss which can be temporary or sometimes permanent in nature.

In the world of competition, most commonly we face stress which can again lead to hair loss. In a busy and hectic schedule of working hours or study stress, nutrition remains aside and is usually ignored which is also a major reason of hair loss causing problems like Anemia, Vitamins deficiency especially Vit D3 lack. Your hair is all about what you eat and so undernourished diet definitely leads to hair problems in a long run.

Of course facing Hair loss is a worry after all Hair is beauty which reflects confidence and attitude of a person.

What’s the Solution…? I think, when we discuss about Hair loss first thing that one should do is should not panic as there are revolutionary patented treatments to solve it.

We have a Fantastic Solution for it which is a revolutionary Technique from Austria: “Tricho Scalp Treatment Plus”.

Facing a Hair loss? Don’t worry, we have the TST+. This unique treatment helps us to control the Hair loss and get our confidence back, a very good example is celebrity “Celina Jaitley”, who was facing tremendous hair loss post straightening being into showbiz she could not avoid chemical treatments but her problem got solved with TST+ and in fact she was awarded with Miss Beautiful Hair in her Femina Miss India days after undergoing TST plus sessions to treat her chemically damaged hair.

TST+ helps to control the hair loss. Benefits that one can have with TST+ is that it strengthens hair follicles, protects hair shaft and follicles, disinfects the scalp, detoxifies and rejuvenates the scalp with Austrian technique that is manual lymphatic drainage. It drains toxins away from hair roots and brings flow of fresh oxygen and nutrition to the hair roots.

This helps in curbing down hair fall and pushes the fall phase in to growth.

Not only people who are facing hair loss can get the benefit of this wonderful treatment but also people who are already blessed with good hair and want to maintain the health of their hair can get a good benefit as an Healthy Hair Habit, regular detoxification through TST+ as a preventive measure.

Hair loss should not be a worry now if we have “Tricho scalp treatment plus with us”.

The candidates eligible for this treatment are…

1. Patient suffering from hairfall problems due to any reason.

( This would include hair fall due to various disorders like anemia, thyroid, post pregnancy, improper diet, pollution, fashion induced hair fall problems etc…)

2. Hair and scalp which is Dry / Oily / Damaged.

3. Chemically treated hair with color and various perming and straightening agents.

4. Healthy Hair who want to maintain it.