TST+ is an unique treatment which is based on Manual Lymphatic Drainage ie Austrian Technique to detoxify the scalp and help in the control of Hairloss.

As toxins are drained out from the scalp by lymphatic system the hair roots get healthy and the right nutrition.

To provide proper nutrition one needs to follow healthy diet and should also cut down on unhealthy or junk food substances.

The Healthy diet comprises of following:

1. Milk atleast 1-2 cups daily

2. Almond atleast 2-3 pieces everyday

3. Palak everyday, prepare palak soup or have palak vegetable prepared with paneer.

4. Have atleast 12-14 glasses of water everyday.

5. Avoid spicy and junk foods.

6. Avoid aerated drinks.

7. Have dates atlest 2-3 everyday.

8. Have atleast 2-3 figs everyday.

9. Have more of green leafy vegetables

10. Have protein rich diet like sprouted pulses and peanuts regularly.

Lifestyle Modifications:

Only taking healthy diet does not always solve the problem because certain lifestyle and habits also leads to stress and increases hair and scalp problems.

1. Destressing activities like Pranayam and Meditation for 15-20 minutes daily.

2. Sound Sleep atleast 6-7 hrs.

3. Eat Healthy foods and don’t take much of spicy and Junk foods.

4. Have meals at Proper intervals.

5. Do regular walking for 30 minutes daily.

6. Do not keep hair wet for a long time.

7. Do not brush or comb hair when it is wet.

Once the diet and lifestyle is on track and if we follow TST+ treatment along with these the results of the treatments are far more better and instant. The lifestyle and dietary modifications have to be followed for a long time if we want permanent results. HAIR IS A BAROMETER of OUR BODY so as long as our diet and lifestyle is good our HAIR is good.